Do you understand how Google ranks your website?

It starts by sending out a programme (often called a spider or a robot) to crawl the web and gather information about your site. It uses this information to catalogue your website in a data base.

This is the information that search engines use to classify your site:

  • The title of a specific page
  • The text displayed on a page
  • The images that appear on a page along with the alternative text attached to the images
  • The meta tags and meta keywords and descriptions that are programmed into the header of an HTML page
  • The reciprocal links to and from your website


You’re probably aware that fresh content and the clever use of keywords can improve your ranking on search engines. And that’s exactly what Search Engine Optimisation aims to do; optimise every element of your site to ensure your site ranks highly in search results.

Pixel8 has already achieved tremendous success with SEO. You’ll receive a monthly analytics and ratings report along with suggestions for improvements as part of your website maintenance package.

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